WordPress/Flipboard Integration

After WordPress announced integration with Pocket, will they now partner with Flipboard to allow easy posting? I’d like to have a Press This button for the Flipboard application so I can create beautiful, shareable magazines of blog posts with friends and family!


This week’s cleaning house, part deux

I always wanted a dog, just didn’t know which breed would complement my own temperament. With findthebest, consumers are given data-driven comparisons and I can decide if Atticus is a Schnauzer or more of an Airedale.

Churchill taught me that history is doomed to repeat itself if we don’t make a conscious effort to see what went wrong and try to change it.  Remappingdebate asks the why and why not of today’s issues. One compelling interview discusses the fate of history majors and history teachers today.

Most times I write my blog posts on my tablet and use Google Keep to organize thoughts and copy/paste them into WordPress. On my desktop I use Microsoft’s OneNote and on my Android phone I use notepad to do the same. Try Evernote to capture anything and everything across all platforms. Also use this product to draw with your stylus pen, categorize your recipes and turn content into flashcards for test prep.

Collaborative workspaces are sprouting up everywhere from Bloomington, Indiana to the Santa Monica pier. Check out this list of inspirational collaborative workspaces around the world. Three Drunk Monkeys is at the top of my list, perhaps because of their name. Looking for an inside view to your next dream job’s office? Visit office snapshots for a tour of some of the coolest offices, especially Abercrombie & Fitch

EdSurge has a comprehensive list of EdTech products broken down to subject matter, standards, audience, platform and characteristics. My one stop shop for everything new in online assessments, games, videos, and Common Core tools.

Looking for a good time in NYC that involves art, culture and fun? The Museum of Modern Art partnered with Foursquare for a new, exciting scavenger hunt app. Let MOMA take you around the city to find the most famous and not so famous architectural finds.

WordPress Trickery

It was a rash decision to start a blog, in that I did not do my research in choosing the right platform to use. I was misled. Let me paint the picture…

I like to think of myself as a creative problem-solver. I want to know how things work and I am good enough at computers to do a little “housekeeping”. But I found myself getting frustrated why I could not edit the header.php for an added plugin to my blog. It seemed so easy, a simple copy and paste  and CSS finesse and I could add a plugin to a website without having to call support in India (?). I googled for about an hour to realize I messed up royally.

There are two WordPress blog sites; http://www.WordPress.com and http://www.WordPress.org. Now mine is published on the free .com blog where you don’t have to pay for a web server and setup is quick, but the catch is its uncustomizable. You cannot edit CSS stylesheets with WordPress.com unless you upgrade ($) to a Premium account. With the .org site, a user can modify CSS without having to pay any money. The download is free, but you need a few things (knowledge and tools) to get started.

Had I been forewarned, I would have chosen WordPress.org for my blog. It would have given me the opportunity to make changes and learn more about manipulating stylesheets.