This week’s cleaning house – Technology Highlights

[Interact with my Presumé here]

Prezi showed me how to create a resume that stands out.

LA county students hacked their district’s iPads. Makes you wonder if they should have built a privacy app that was child proof.

Never miss a word with Livescribe smartpen, a Bluetooth compatible writing device. It makes lazy writers (like me) never have to use a computer – they can send their scribbles with the click of a pen.

Evernote is doing some great things like integrating with Salesforce and starting an online marketplace, but does not garner my attention with a statement like this: “[We want to] eliminate the stupid uses of paper.” I say NO: preserve our love for books and neon post-its.

Starting October 5th in Durham, North Carolina, you, me and grandma will be able to try Google Glass first hand. This traveling roadshow with LIVE demos and Q&A will be on tour before releasing to retail next year.

And crowdfunding kicks off with Kickstarter campaigns and bitcoins; fictional online currency to exchange goods.


Two things you didn’t know about Google

Did you know the Google Nexus phones have built in gyroscopes?
According to Wikipedia, gyroscopes are tools that measure and maintain orientation of an object. Nintendo uses this for the motion action sensors in Wii MotionPlus and handheld portable Nintendo 3DS for added gameplay.¬† When you swipe your finger across the screen of your tablet, this is an example of roll, yaw, pitch, or the principles of angular momentum: a disc spinning on an axis with only its device’s orientation remained constant. In simpler speak, it’s why our smart phones, tablets, iPods and PCs have touch screen display. You can magnify, slide and tap your display to change the direction of a view without changing the orientation of your device.

Did you know the new version of Google Glass has no tethering?
Tethering shares the internet connection of one mobile device with that of another. A mobile phone can pick up the same signal as a nearby tablet with WiFi (aka HotSpot) or Bluetooth capabilities, allowing users to hack the net for free. The newest edition of Google Glass no longer requires a tethering plan and therefore, there is no competition amongst data providers. Googlers will have the ease of instant connectivity without all those 3G/4G network nuisances. An app enhancing Google’s UI will transfer data between devices with no need of a USB or the above-mentioned WiFi-accessible location.