Visually Inspire Communication

Create adaptive learning environments with your coworkers  – illustrate data with infographics and share a story with an interactive presentation.

Scenario #1: Create infographics using Piktochart
My objective is to make static documentation interactive. An infographic enriched with color, easy-to-follow data and hyperlinks to wiki content and videos or GIFs was the best choice.

Identify audience and the best way to present ideas to the user. How should users interact with the information? Determine what content to use; often times statistical data can be represented as charts or simple graphics. Keep in mind less is more, so chunk content with different colors or blocks to separate text like shown here:

You want a natural flow of progression when reading the document. Try to make eye-popping designs with little distractions to esthetics. Incorporate themes, embed graphics, videos and map plugins to engage users. In the end, you will have an infographic that is dynamic, appealing and promotes communication throughout the organization.

Piktochart is a free application available for download on my native PC. This program enabled me to choose preloaded templates or start a project from scratch. I enjoyed the user-friendly interface.

Use Also:,, Snag-It

Scenario #2: Create interactive presentations using Intuilab
Think Powerpoint2.0. Business presentations are no longer boring slides with lame animation or remote clickers with lazer pointers. Instead, presentations are interactive and reinventing communication.

Convey a message by guiding your users through a digital experience that tells a story. Interact with the slides; maximize the screen, highlight, swipe and draw over images.
Deliver and collaborate amongst coworkers in the cloud. Build presentations and distribute across multiple platforms and devices.

Intuilab appealed to me because of its touch screen capabilities. I also was able to learn this software quickly providing “if, then” statements that replaced code. Pros: All access sandbox. Cons: Compatible only with Windows 7 & 8; HTML release by the end of 2013.

Use Also:, prezi,


This week’s cleaning house: Websites, Design and Tweets

This week on 60 Minutes we were shown beyond the yellow construction tape of the new 9/11 museum. Designers gave us first views of the museum which is built over the sphere, the former statue and fountain that stood in between the twin towers. The museum will be a place of remembrance and a place to be silent to honor the ones lost.

I participated in the “How a Technology Integrator Chooses the Right Tools for the Job” Webinar sponsored by I even received a CE certificate!

Balsamiq proved to be a suitable alternative for building wire frames as to my dismay, OmniGraffle is only offered on the iPad. I now have another reason to stay non iOS: compatibility issues.

I learned that GIFs, short animated videos (sometimes on a cruel loop) are useful to illustrate simple repeatable steps in technical documentation. is an intuitive website production tool that is free and requires no coding. For future endeavors, I will stick with wix.

In printing my own business card with vista print, I came across eye popping designs. What a difference texture makes to a sleek finish.

And in culmination of all things learned: I was mentioned on Twitter, which hinted at IPO.