WordPress Trickery

It was a rash decision to start a blog, in that I did not do my research in choosing the right platform to use. I was misled. Let me paint the picture…

I like to think of myself as a creative problem-solver. I want to know how things work and I am good enough at computers to do a little “housekeeping”. But I found myself getting frustrated why I could not edit the header.php for an added plugin to my blog. It seemed so easy, a simple copy and pasteĀ  and CSS finesse and I could add a plugin to a website without having to call support in India (?). I googled for about an hour to realize I messed up royally.

There are two WordPress blog sites; http://www.WordPress.com and http://www.WordPress.org. Now mine is published on the free .com blog where you don’t have to pay for a web server and setup is quick, but the catch is its uncustomizable. You cannot edit CSS stylesheets with WordPress.com unless you upgrade ($) to a Premium account. With the .org site, a user can modify CSS without having to pay any money. The download is free, but you need a few things (knowledge and tools) to get started.

Had I been forewarned, I would have chosen WordPress.org for my blog. It would have given me the opportunity to make changes and learn more about manipulating stylesheets.