Staying connected on the go

I recently took a trip out of state. I packed everything I needed in my car; cash for the tolls, coffee cup, clothes, umbrella, and my many devices: laptop, iPod, phone, GPS and tablet. I had all the necessary items except what was keeping me connected. At the hotel with a dead phone I realized I forgot the wall adapter that charged my phone. Silly me. With each electronic  having a separate battery and charger, it’s easy to lose track of all the USBs, mini USBs and various car and wall chargers.

Here are a few things I bring on a trip to keep connected:

USB/Mini USB Flash Drive
On some devices a USB 3.0 port is customary, where a mini USB is now the universal connection for tablets and most cells.

Mobile Hot Spot
If without WiFi, the hot spot allows me to pick up a connection through a designated access point.

A cross platform instant message service to send text, pics and videos, this is available for iOS and Android phones.

Apple’s Airport Express
Because everyone likes free stuff and most travelers hate having to pay for recurrent internet charges at hotels… Apple came up with a solution to set up your own WiFi connection in a box.

USB Wall charger/car charger (extra)
For those times when I thought I packed everything, but didn’t.


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