Mapping TED’s Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDTalks duo ecologist Eric Berlow and physicist Sean Gourley questioned how to connect TEDx ideas – some 24,000 video clips in a content library in the cloud. Identifying patterns, they developed an algorithm, or mathematical structure to correlate relationships of this data.

Things to know when watching:

Natural language processing (NLP) – for speech-to-text translation to extract key concepts of an idea

Meme-ome – mathematics that underlines an idea, the results from NLP

Interestingly, tags do not generate ideas, but rather a network structure of network IDs. These architectural complexities are examples of creative synthesis, central topic points or bridging of ideas.

We constantly try to make connections in our lives from those with people and events that shape who we are. In this blog I try to make connections and with the beauty of tagging, you can see those keywords at the end of each post.


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