Recycled Art

At the deCordova Sculpture Park installations are built with their natural environment in mind. The landscape and industrial materials like rebar, bricks, aluminum, and glass are incorporated into the designs. Most notably set on its sixty acre property is Untitled.


Composed of broken bricks and wrapped steel, this sculpture signifies the deconstruction of civilization. The Indian artist said his work “addresses the constant cycle of building-destroying-rebuilding and explores the relationship of rural and urban life where technology, globalization and materialism collide.”

What if we took the same idea of using recycled items and turned them into functional pieces of art? What would these creations look like?

Need a notepad?


How about a thumb drive?


Do you fancy a picture frame?


Or a hanging key hook?


These Steampunk artists created collages from USB ports, motherboards and memory chips


British artist Susan Stockwell even constructed an entire map of recycled motherboards


Frankly who knew old computer parts were art? This would be a great STEAM project to learn the insides of a computer and a great way to introduce art appreciation.


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