This week’s cleaning house: Websites, Design and Tweets

This week on 60 Minutes we were shown beyond the yellow construction tape of the new 9/11 museum. Designers gave us first views of the museum which is built over the sphere, the former statue and fountain that stood in between the twin towers. The museum will be a place of remembrance and a place to be silent to honor the ones lost.

I participated in the “How a Technology Integrator Chooses the Right Tools for the Job” Webinar sponsored by I even received a CE certificate!

Balsamiq proved to be a suitable alternative for building wire frames as to my dismay, OmniGraffle is only offered on the iPad. I now have another reason to stay non iOS: compatibility issues.

I learned that GIFs, short animated videos (sometimes on a cruel loop) are useful to illustrate simple repeatable steps in technical documentation. is an intuitive website production tool that is free and requires no coding. For future endeavors, I will stick with wix.

In printing my own business card with vista print, I came across eye popping designs. What a difference texture makes to a sleek finish.

And in culmination of all things learned: I was mentioned on Twitter, which hinted at IPO.



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