Math in the Realworld

Do you remember math class in middle school or how about high school? I remember sitting attentively, yet struggling even in college to make sense of these difficult mathematical questions, thinking how can I relate to this problem in order to solve it. This was Introduction to IT and I had no idea why I had to learn amortization tables in excel as a creative writing major.

I believe content developers struggle to find suitable assessment questions and material that not only is relevant, but engaging and invokes thought. Learning should be fun (ignore reference to corny cliché) and encourage students to explore other avenues with math and science backgrounds. Prime example is the budding interest to get children (and especially girls) involved in STEM or STEAM deciplines. For example, computer programming, video game development, robotics, and anything Minecraft.

Mathematics should address problem solving in the realworld. Real World Math, a free website presents lesson plans for teaching with Google Maps. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego just got a whole lot better. Educators can use Google Maps to discuss distance formulas from point A to B, enhance geography lessons with satellite images and real-time street views, and plan travel adventures, navigating through twists and turns of Google traffic and subway lines.

What are some other tools that help make math fun and meaningful in and out of the classroom?


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