Don’t just Transform, but Revolutionize Education

A manifesto of sorts. A call for change…

What is wrong with education today? There is not enough personalized instruction. We need better data to drive scalable solutions which means results in the classroom. We need predictive analytics asking people how they learn best and software designed to progress with its users. Let’s disrupt the linear vision of how students learn and introduce different modes.

Better data
Correlations. Frequencies. Algorithms — I was never good at math. Ultimately, data analytics should help us make informed decisions that propose change.

Break silos
It’s not just about alleviating a ten-pound backpack with a ten ounce tablet, but breaking common misconceptions of the intersection of education and technology. Let’s not pigeonhole ourselves into thinking curriculum should be delivered one way.

Deliver dynamic solutions
I use the term ‘solution’ loosely in trying to prove the point that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning. Through psychometrics and analysis, deliverables should be adaptable to a user’s needs. We should identify issues at the forefront, instead of making them an afterthought. 

Here is a thought:

Pierson Labs/Declara’s Ramona Pierson (also a SXSW 2014 panel electee) pushes mass production to mass customization with big-data education models.  Her team is developing an algorithm to map the learning methods of teachers with the needs of the classroom, addressing a student’s comprehension in realtime.


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