What’s in a name?

Each year Android chooses a new name for its operating system and creates lifesize replicas of these tasty treats on their Google Campus lawn. These clever monikers are not chosen at random, but in alphabetical order. Resembling sugary sweets that health conscious foodies might be offended by, here is a list of diet-friendly approved names. Perhaps Kale Krunchies, Chickpea Cookies and Spinach Smoothies can make the cut.



Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is the reason we buy Apple — for its clean lines and simple designs.  It establishes a buyer’s trust in a product and secures repeated purchases. Google has been ensuring their brand loyalty with edible treat names since the acquisition of Android back in ’05. [My own brand loyalty: If I have to buy sneakers, they are going to be Puma and if buying a car, you better bet it’s going to be European – either the Swedes or the Germans.]

Current Dessert Releases
Cupcake – Pink frosted delight
Donut – Chocolate jelly with multicolor jimmies
Eclair – For french pastry lovers
Froyo – Softserve vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Gingerbread – The XMas fav
Honeycomb – TM of Post Cereal, circa 1965
Ice cream sandwich – Strangely happy looking creature
Jellybean – Weird green minion dude
KitKat – The lifesize chocolate bar

Predict future names here:
Whoopie pie
Peanut butter cup
Root beer float
Marshmallow s’more
Willy Wonka bar*

*Nestlé signs an advertising campaign with Google for candy bar sweepstakes.


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