MOOCs: Where you can get more bang for your buck

MOOCs, massive open online courses make taking classes at Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley affordable. So affordable, they’re free. No GRE, no SAT, no GED required. Free education taught by Adjunct professors – smart ones too.

What kind of MOOC can I take?
Choose Principles of Aerodynamics or my wait list course, Big Data in Education. There are tons of classes; in subjects of math, sciences, humanities and more.

Stephen Colbert asked the CEO of EdX, ‘Isn’t the point of going to Harvard – you know, that school in Boston – to pay for the right to say you went to Harvard?’  Higher Education has turned into a class system and MOOCs are only forwarding it.

Peter Sacks, scholar, suggests MOOCs divide our students into the wealthy and the not wealthy. The haves and have-nots.  MOOCs are designed to allow ‘well-off students to attend colleges and universities…they alone will have real relationships with great faculty,’ Sacks says. Relationships should be with great campus classroom educators, not pre-recorded virtual classroom educators. Agreeingly, ‘In the American university, the students who can be heard are the ones who can pay for people to listen.’

I leave you free to comment. What do you believe is the role of Higher Education in the digital age?


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