Joyce Carol Oates’ Glass Ceiling Remedy

Don’t worry all, the following post is PG and for the politically-correct minds, I excluded all profanities.

Earlier this month, Joyce Carol Oates wrote a satirical piece in The Onion about her brief stint sleeping with publishers to further her career. You are probably wondering who Oates is; famed Tinseltown ex or retired child star looking for the next comeback?

Joyce Carol Oates is an American author, a story teller, and novelist of over forty works. Her first story was published at age twenty six, detailing the tumultourous love affair of two characters and since then, she’s written novels under the pen name Lauren Kelly and Rosamond Smith. Currently she is a Professor of Creative Writing at Princeton. My favorite novel has always been We Were the Mulvaneys, an Oprah Book Club fave and possibly Lifetime-made movie, which paints a story of an American family’s rise and quick demise.

A few things I learned from Oates’ Onion piece is her incredible ease of sarcasm. Of course The Onion is full of cheeky humor, but reading the sexcapades of a 75-year old is quite different. Invest in your career; make connections, don’t be lazy, be curious and be awesome. Be an agent of change, but don’t sleep with them (agents). Find a way to recharge your writing (perhaps healthy doses of caffeine). Use innuendoes sparingly, especially the sexual ones and once a goal is set, do everything you can to reach it (while keeping your butt in the chair, as Oates says).

The Onion is great and I’ll be reading this story next:



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