FODI, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

I attempted to Google ‘foodie,’ but instead my fingers typed fodi. I clicked on the first website I saw in my browser as it seemed, well, appealing. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas discusses the things we don’t like talking about, like abortion, physician assisted suicide, and the joys of sinning. This festival is held annually at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Most of these lectures were human rights issues pertinent to Aussies and specifically addressing the country’s observance to ANZAC Day.

I questioned, what is considered a dangerous idea? Is it just a faux pas that nobody wants to talk about? Is it a topic so harrowing that it shouldn’t be discussed? Are they issues we identify with in our own life and therefore cannot let ourselves see objectively?

What if we had a similar conference here in America? [Insert your country here.] What are the ideas we would discuss?
Here is my list:

Death penalty for the Boston Marathon bomber? (He’s eating by the way)
Same sex marriage?
Hazing in the military?
Over diagnosing Autism Spectrum disorders and over medicating children with suspected ADHD?


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