The next generation of wikis

Did you know the origin of the word wiki is Hawaiian, meaning quick, fast? Wikis are website portals that are open for anyone to edit content. I use the word portal precisely as wikis are not static webpages. You can navigate from any one given point and easily be redirected to other sources for PDF files, video links, etc. It is meant to be on the cloud, meaning anyone can contribute, but there are also precautions that can be made in order to manage user’s views and permissions of content.

In tech writing, wikis are replacing the traditional user manual. No longer will you have to print out a ten-page quick start guide for a product, but instead enjoy a much more friendly user experience. Wikis are interactive, intuitive and visible throughout the organization.

Some of the top wiki providers are Mediawiki, Confluence, and Dokuwiki. One company offering an alternative solution to Confluence Wiki, however, is Mindtouch.

There are a few key features that beats the rest:
– Mindtouch’s product is context-sensitive
– Offers a robust reporting feature (aka Google Analytics for Marketing)
– Integrates CRM (Salesforce) data for real-time product feedback
– Bug tracking system that can replace or used in conjunction with JIRA
– More outputs and even offers an easy Flare-to-Mindtouch wiki migration
– and did I mention Agile friendly?

So get on board with Mindtouch, because they are redefining the user manual with a more impressive wiki.


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