Hey Igby!

Two movies I’ve watched lately really made me question the power of our minds. And in no way before attempting to watch these films did I think I would find such an analogy.

Igby Goes Down really questioned the power of the subconscious mind for me. Igby, the main character of the film seeks to find life’s meaning. A modern-day Holden Caulfield smothered in New York’s uptown wealth tells the story of this boy who is trying to define himself but struggling to coexist. I think there was a pivotal part of this movie where the character realizes he dictates his life according to unaspired events. There is something eerily relatable…

500 Days of Summer was a unhappy ending to a happy love story. Its told in a nonlinear fashion and towards the end of the film, the message is clear: we tend to remember the good parts to a story and forget the bad. Perhaps this is a coping mechanism for our brains or an example of selective memory. Either way, I find truth in this notion too and look to find examples in my own life. We remember failed relationships for what went right, not quick to realize what went wrong.

Sometimes characters speak to us. We can relate to them. We feel the same way as they do and speak the same unspoken words.


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