How do you use Pinterest?

I started using Pinterest as a tool to organize recipes, pair outfits together, share art and new styling ideas. This is a way for me to connect with friends and follow content that I enjoy. A few features the company hopes to roll out includes a better, more improved recipe search function. You will still be able to pin an image, but also, I imagine, use a collapsible drop-down to view ingredients. No more redirecting to websites, spam or broken links to finds a grocery list or instructions on those delectable delights my mouth waters over. Another feature Pinterest is adding is an alert when you pin a duplicate post. Something along the lines as Hey stupid, you already pinned that will popup on your screen – thanks Pinterest. In looking at perhaps gluten-free delectable desserts, I found a new EDUCATIONAL way to use Pinterest. Recommended reading lists. Teachability, a product developed by my friends at Pearson is a new online tool for teachers to share ideas and breakthroughs in teaching. I followed Teachability on Pinterest and was brought to a great board of Recommended Reading Lists by Genre. This Pinterest board also has information on the Common Core, STEM foundations, and One-to-One initiatives (promoting digital learning in and out of the classroom). The Digital Classroom, an infographic that encompasses everything I am trying to inundate myself with is below. I think this pretty much sums up where education is going in the future:



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