Google Play for Teachers

A friend not too long ago introduced me to Google. And I don’t mean that search engine that replaced Ask Jeeves. But all of Google’s functionality – Google+, Hangouts, Google Music (for free daily tracks), Google’s incredible map detail, and Drive, which I use daily. This obsession with Google pushed me to buy the Nexus tablet. I like to follow technology innovators, the companies who are evolving and reaching forward with design. I was never an Apple lover, but I am a Google enthusiast.

In buying the Nexus I was introduced to the full capabilities of Google Play. Content delivered to you, sometimes free of charge in books, music, games, magazines, apps, et cetera et cetera et cetera. But Google Play is also being introduced in K-12 classrooms. Teachers can access and distribute content using Google’s “pretty”  Play Education interface, which is approved by a credible community of like-minded educators. Most importantly, resources (textbooks, ancillaries,  instructional videos) can be delivered on ANY device compatible with Google Play. Watch out world, soon Android tablets will be the norm in classrooms. And Google Play will be the norm in content delivery. I’ll be watching this fall when the product goes live if its all its hoped to be.

Key features of Google Play Education?
– Educational content is searchable by grade level and several categories
– Administrators can deliver applications across multiple devices, across the whole district
– PBS and NASA has signed on to offer content in Play Store starting Fall 2013
– Google offers a subscription service so no more credit card purchases online, and purchases can be bought in bulk


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