Meeting Anne Sexton

I am overwhelmed at times by the amount of information on the wide world web from opinions, polls, pictures, theories and what have you. I came across an article of 65 books you should read in your twenties. The list is kind of fitting since I’m meeting my third decade mark. A few books I’ve read on this list, but a lot more that seemed like a good read that one day I will get to.

One writer I decided to check out was Anne Sexton, a native of Massachusetts. If I like Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath then why wouldn’t I like Anne Sexton too? 45 Mercy Street is the poem I chose to read. I liked the last part as I too get lost in thought. Sometimes I feel I’m living in a dream, then to wake up and realize it was just that: a dream.

I open my pocketbook,
as women do,
and fish swim back and forth
between the dollars and the lipstick.
I pick them out,
one by one
and throw them at the street signs,
and shoot my pocketbook
into the Charles River.
Next I pull the dream off
and slam into the cement wall
of the clumsy calendar
I live in,
my life,
and its hauled up


One thought on “Meeting Anne Sexton

  1. it’s thrilling and gratifying to see you reading more and more each year! There is so much to be learned about the world even if the words were penned long ago. It’s what makes them classics, icons and trend-setters even if they are between 2 hard covers. You go and read more, now, you hear?
    A Fond Member of your Musings Fan Club!

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