SNHU, My Alma Mater Considered One of the 50 Most Innovative Companies

Who would have thought that Southern New Hampshire University is considered the forerunner in innovating Higher Education.

Check out:

Snuggled in between highlights of such companies as HBO and my new favorite auto, Tesla, SNHU is changing online education not only in New England, but across the US too.

A small school with intelligent educators in a small town with not much going on. I am not complaining about my education. However, I am wary of a school more concerned with putting money into lawn sculptures rather than money where its needed most: the classroom. 

In an effort to look at this article with perhaps less disdained eyes, I come to the notion that yes, SNHU is undertaking what will be a lucrative outcome. If with the right believers and advisors of a MOOC (massive open online course) instruction model, then this not-for-profit institution will surely rise to be the leader in New England at least, if not the country like President LeBlanc hopes.


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