Defining credible journalism Part Two: Social Media Gives Journalism a Bad Name

So what did I learn from attending the Margaret Sullivan, NY Times; Tom Kent, AP; Adam Rose, Huffington Post lecture?

Social media aka Twitter will be the death of good quality journalism. There is a race to provide information first and fast amongst news sites. But quality suffers from this expense. 

Example: CNN’s coverage of the Boston Marathon attack and wrongly stating the suspect was arrested when he was not yet.

Example: The AP wrongly stating the White House was under attack and Obama seriously hurt in a hacked Twitter feed.


What else was discussed?

Are journalists/news sources providing the whole story by intentionally manipulating pictures for readers in order to bare them of graphic, profane images? Is this the real truth? My opinion?  Don’t jeopardize quality just to shield the public of indecencies.


Overall, good talk. Smart people. But overpriced at $25 a pop.




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